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Body Contouring

Even people who aren't overweight may wish they could change their body shape. At Taylor Rehabilitation and Wellness Center, a chiropractic care office located in the Portage Park area of Chicago, IL we offer body contouring with BodyFx™. This quick and non-invasive treatment can make a difference in your appearance. Exercise can tighten muscles and help improve your appearance, but sometimes there are stubborn pockets of cellulite that just won't go away. These pockets can be treated with body contouring.

Body Contouring Q & A

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is the term for skin that has a dimpled, “orange peel” appearance. It occurs because the connective tissue under the skin has become weak, and the fatty tissue bulges through the weak areas. Cellulite can occur in any area of the body. Although not harmful, it may not be attractive, especially when you wear shorts or a swimming suit. Weight loss doesn't help with cellulite, partly because the problem is a loss of elasticity in the skin. Skin contouring with a device called BodyFx™ is a non-invasive way to treat cellulite and improve the body contours.

What is BodyFx™?

BodyFx™ is a hand-held device that combines three modalities: radio frequency energy, deep tissue body heating, and suction-coupled negative pressure. Radio frequency energy delivers pulses through the tissues that heat and contract the tissue. The suction-coupled negative pressure acts like a very strong localized massage to break down cells. The treatment has a similar effect to liposuction, but incisions are not necessary and the healing time is much shorter.

What is a BodyFx™ Treatment Like?

A BodyFx™ treatment is quite comfortable, according to those who have experienced it. The practitioner moves the device slowly over the area(s) to be treated. People report a feeling of the skin warming and a gentle pulling sensation as the device helps smooth out unwanted pockets of fat. Multiple treatments are usually required, and a weekly treatment for eight weeks is the standard. Effects generally become noticeable almost immediately after a treatment.

Do I need Post-Treatment Care?

A BodyFx™ treatment is not time-consuming. Patients may come in during the lunch hour, and as there is no down time, go back to work immediately. A BodyFx™ treatment should not prevent anyone from resuming regular activities immediately afterward. Redness and warmth in the area are common and usually subside within a few hours. The sensation is similar to that experienced after a deep tissue massage.

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