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Weight Loss Program

Many people struggle with excess weight, especially as they grow older. Your metabolism naturally slows down as you age and you may not be as active as you once were. Taylor Rehabilitation and Wellness Center, a chiropractic care office located in the Portage Park area of Chicago, IL offers a customized weight loss plan called the Ideal Protein Method to help you lose weight and keep it off.

Weight Loss Program Q & A

What are the Basics of Weight Loss?

In order to lose weight, your body must burn its fat reserves for energy. If you're eating a lot of sugar and simple carbohydrates, however, the body ignores the stored fat in favor of these easily digested foods. The basic concept behind the Ideal Protein Method is to deplete the carbohydrate reserves and force the body to burn stored fat. Although you can also lose weight by burning protein, it will diminish your muscle mass and reduce your strength. Eating adequate protein ensures that the lean muscle your body needs to function will not be damaged by the weight loss process.

What is the Ideal Protein Method?

The Ideal Protein Method has several major components. First, let's look at the dietary aspects. Your body stores about three days' worth of carbohydrate. If you eat a diet that is higher in protein and lower in carbs, your body will quickly burn through its carbohydrate reserves and start to metabolize fat. Ideal Protein foods are made from high-quality proteins. The protein is readily absorbed, which helps maintain muscle mass. The plan includes not only foods but also diet plans, menus, and recipes to help you learn a new way of eating.

What About Other Weight Loss Services?

You need more than just the right food to lose weight. You need counseling and support to learn about nutrition and how moods and habits can affect your eating patterns. You also need to learn how to maintain the weight loss after the pounds come off. Our program provides you with all of these tools as well as personal support. You'll see one of our weight loss counselors regularly and can call if you run into a problem. We also recommend supplements to increase the nutrients in your diet and help remedy any deficiencies.

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